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          ART NO:PMP-03R
          ARTICLE NAME:Decative Resin Holdback f Curtain
          DESCRIPTION:Decative Resin Holdback f Curtain Rope type
          PACKAGE:one piece with a U arm into a blister with card

          Product details


          Item Name Decorative Resin Holdback for Curtain
          Surface Color Antique Gold
          Colors Available Antique Silver, Antique Gold, German Gold, German Silver, Mahogany, Cream, Java, etc...
          To Fit Pole Size adjustable
          Shape Rope Type
          Length 1.5m, 2.0m, 3.0m, 3.5m, as per your requirements


          WHY CHOOSE US?

          • No rings , will never damage the surface of the pole
          • Running silently, no noisy
          • Diversified colors and pattern sculpture on surface
          • The last but the most important, cost is about 60 to 80% of tradtional metal curtain rods