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          ART NO:CFR-010
          ARTICLE NAME:Curtain Rods
          DESCRIPTION:1. Finials type: crystal clear col. 2. Poles diameter: 25/28mm. 3. Col: antique copper
          PACKAGE:Transparent plastic box packaged.

          Product details

          Products name: curtain rod

          1.Style: Ball crystal finials.

          Crystal finials meight be the best decoration for modern style curtain rods, however the users should be headachy for their durability of the gluing since most of them will fall off the rod during a period no mattter how much well glue you use it for catching the finials.

           we produce the crystal finials with special design on the function for 100% security guaranteed.

           2.Size: 19/25/28mm

           3.Accessories: single or double brackets, curtain rings or curtain eyelets for non-rings curtain.

           4.Package: Shrink wrapped or Transparent plastic box for whole set package. separate package for rings, brackets, poles could be customized by the buyer for example blister, polybag, carded etc..

           5.Products series

          Curtain poles, curtain rods, decorative curtain rods, shower curtain rods, crystal finails curtain rods, cafe rod, drapery rod, window decoration poles.